Server Rules

1) If Any Player found CHEATING will be Banned Permanently.
2) If any Player found ABUSING will be Silenced Permanently.
3) Toxicity may lead to Permanent Mutes.
4) Mic Spam/Disturbing other Players may Result Mute For Specific Time.
5) Abusing Administrators or Misusing Call-admin may lead to Temporary Bans.
6) Chat Spamming/Clear Chat Bind is not Allowed.
7) Any kind of community based promotion/advertisement will lead for a Permanent Mute.
8) No Politics, Share Your Opinions Where They Matter!
9) Punishments can extend upto permanent bans if repeated.
10) No racial/homophobic/religious discrimination is allowed by any player while playing on Server.
11) We will not tolerate any forms of impersonation.
12) Ruining Game Server Experience by Baiting/Throwing will lead to Punishments.
13) Threatening any Player will result in Permanent Silence.
14) Our Server-sided Anticheat Bans are Final & cannot be revoked in any case.
15) All Server Bans are locked to Specific IP Address of a Player.
16) Admins are liable to ask for recording proof to any Suspected Player on Server.
17) Suspected Player by Admins need to provide recording proof whenever asked or will be Banned Permanently.

~ Your existence on this server implies that you have read and agreed to all the rules mentioned above. We reserve the right to update the rules at any moment.
~ If you think you are wrongly Banned by any Administrator, Kindly Appeal here :

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If you have any questions regarding our Server Rules, please contact us here:

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